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The story of the Starfish

An old man was taking a walk with his granddaughter on the beach on a beautiful fall evening. The picture perfect scenery warmed by the setting sun was spoilt by the thousands of starfish that were washed up by the sea and dying on the beach. The old man picked one up and threw it back.

His granddaughter was curious: "Why did you do that, grandpa? There are so many!"

Her grandpa picked up another starfish and threw it into the water: "To us, this is merely one in many thousands, but to the starfish itself, this is its everything."

To each and every individual we reach out to help, our efforts could be his/her everything.

Join us to fight the war on AIDS by supporting APEB today.


"I enjoy the camaraderie of working as a receptionist and in the pantry. Clients have told me they feel at home and comfortable when talking with me, which makes me proud. Volunteering at APEB gives me something to wake up for."

"I like volunteering at APEB because it keeps me focused on what I'm trying to do in my life and helps me prepare for my career in HIV case management. And of course, I like the people!"
-Raymond B.

As a volunteer you are the backbone of everything that we do at APEB. In a world where money and resources are limited more everyday, it is increasingly difficult for non-profit organizations like APEB to provide the kinds of quality services that our clients deserve without caring and dedicated volunteers.

The position descriptions listed below are provided to give you an idea of the ways volunteers can help. If you are interested in these positions, or if you have something else in mind that you would like to do to help out, we'd love to have you join our team!

Interested? please contact:

For volunteering: Michele Grim, mgrim@apeb.org, (510) 663-7978
For community service hours: David Williams, dwilliams@apeb.org, (510) 663-7975

Office Support:
Clerical Specialist

Food Pantry:
Pantry Coordinator
Pantry and Store Room Assistant
Pantry Food Transporter

Wellness Center:
Integrative Medicines/Therapy Provider

Technical Support:
Graphic Artist

Special Events:
Special Events Volunteer
Party Host

Americorps - Volunteer center of the East Bay